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Self-Transformation: Top Five

What in your life has transformed you the most? Often times we are transformed by difficulties in life that force us to go within. There are also intentional ways to learn and grow as a person, as well. These are some of the most helpful and transformative resources I have found in my own life.


Sitting in silence as a daily practice for several years now has blessed me with a deep connection to myself, a nearly unshakeable trust in life, an appreciation of the beauty of everything around me. It has transformed me into the truest version of myself. I began my journey with the Headspace app.

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT tapping is a form of energy psychology that typically entails holding in mind an issue and tapping through various acupressure points on the body. EFT tapping has helped to calm my nervous system and smooth out some of anxiety and fear triggers. I use and enjoy The Tapping Solution app.

Listen to the Gospel Every Day

About eight years ago, I was in a season of spending a lot of time driving, a pastor friend of mine recommended The Village Church podcast. I began listening to Matt Chandler in the car every day, and it completely changed my theology. It helped me to feel peaceful in traffic and I no longer minded rush hour. I began listening to other reformed podcasts, which honed my gift of discernment. At the time of this writing, my top picks are Matt Chandler (The Village Church), John Piper (Bethlehem Baptist), Beau Hughes (The Village Church Denton), Tim Keller (Redeemer), and Guy Mason (City on a Hill).


I began a practice of daily exercise nearly twenty years ago. For me, I fell in love with lifting weights and I mostly enjoy cardio other than it's slightly boring. I like it mostly for the endorphin release and keeping the energy flowing in my body. Lifting weights has given me tremendous inner confidence, exercise in general has helped tremendously with lifelong seasons of insomnia, depression, and anxiety. The gym levels the playing field and I've met some incredibly fascinating people from all walks of life.


I love to learn and have always loved books. From fiction writers I fell in love with in my teens and twenties to now mostly non-fiction books on theology, psychology, trauma, healing, and metaphysics, I have learned so much, and I have found many kindred spirits from all ages. In particular, I love audio books and enjoy using Audible.

What has transformed you in your life?


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