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SPoC Top Five

What are the top five things to know or learn as a Ministry Platform SPoC? Which tools are the most powerful and helpful for the staff?

1. Item Notifications - Create custom views that staff members can set up automatic emails to themselves on a schedule. Example: Betty receives an email each Monday with names and phone numbers of all the new salvations at her campus so she can reach out to them and build relationships with new believers.

2. Dynamic Dates - Learn to leverage "Platform SQL" so that you can make your views dynamic. Example: Give me a list of all the salvations within the last 7 days. Works seamlessly with Item Notifications.

3. Unique Identifiers - Add ID values to as many page views as possible. This makes it easy to search, communicate with staff (especially when the staff member gives ambiguous information such as "my event isn't working), and to sort descending so you can easily see the most recent created records (especially helpful with Page records, Event records, and the like).

4. Activity Levels and Automation - Automate the movement of segments of individuals. For example, define for yourself mutually exclusive categories of engagement at your church, then write routine to automatically reassign individuals nightly. Another example is to write a routine to automate Congregation based on most recent household activity or to automate Parish based on geography.

5. Text Messaging - Implement MP Extensions, a texting engine for Ministry Platform, to leverage text to check in, text to respond, text to submit a prayer request, text to pledge, text for a coupon, and more. Congregants can text your Twilio number to easily accomplish these tasks, meanwhile you gain a wealth of new data.

For a video demonstration on these top five tips, check out my Crowdcast here:

What are your most powerful and helpful SPoC tips?


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