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Technology Top Five

What programs have you found that offer simple, inexpensive solutions for creating engaging content? Here are some of my favorites.

TechSmith SnagIt

Best screen capture software I have used. You can add text, arrows, and markup to images, and easily trim out sections of screencast videos.


We all love PowerPoint for presentations, but do the templates feel stale or do you want a more modern way to present information? Prezi is an awesome alternative.


Create websites easily and inexpensively using the Wix editor. Wix is a noble contender for a staff knowledge base solution.


Run Windows on a Mac with Parallels. If you wish to use Microsoft products such as SQL Management Studio and PowerBI on a Mac, this is a great option and less costly than purchasing a Windows computer or hosting your own server.


Instagram seems to contain more positive content than other social media platforms, and a lot of people who are being intentional in the positivity movement are engaging on Instagram. It is a great way to connect with others, and it's driving a lot of website traffic for businesses. Instagram "stories" are their own thing, and Bailey (my dog) loves watching his friends' stories each day on his Instagram. He has some creative and fun friends.

What are some helpful tools that you have found?


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