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PowerBI Report

PowerBI Report

Gain insight into the vast amount of data you have in your database.  Pull together statistics and metrics from various tables and databases in your SQL server.  Visualize trends and statistics with PowerBI.  Perform the heavier aggregations and data wrangling on the SQL side, rather than within PowerBI, to give you more flexibility.


Project Description

  • Create a new table in your database with 20-30 fields
  • Write a stored procedure to populate the table
  • Schedule a SQL job to flush and reload the table on a schedule (e.g. nightly)
  • Create a new PowerBI report and connect to the new table via Direct Query (i.e. live data)
  • Create 5-7 visualizations with your data (e.g. donut charts, slicers, bar charts, KPIs, line charts, tables, and more)
  • Publish the report to your organization and share with users (optional)


Please contact me to discuss your specific needs and for a custom quote.  Visit the How It Works page for more information about working with me.

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